Load test using Selenium,  Appium or Winium. Scalable load testing using the UI is now possible and cost-effective.

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Turbo*: Load test with Selenium, Appium or Winium WebDriver scripts. Manage hundreds of concurrent virtual users running on fully-headed browsers, device emulations or OS instances.


Load test more realistically. Use Selenium, Appium or Winium  WebDriver to capture UI response times against the full technology stack as the user sees things.


Create robust and effective scripts with our useful performance and load testing functions. Script difficult and feature-rich applications that other load testing tools struggle to cope with.

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Re-use existing automated functional tests for load testing. Minimise the scripting effort and execute load tests early and often – fitting agile and Dev Ops models.


Turbo* integrates with the eggPlant Performance tool for mature controller and test result analysis capabilities. Use the IDE to write new scripts or import existing Selenium/Appium/Winium scripts.

Turbo* is a feature-rich offering with mature scripting IDE, Controller and Analysis capabilities provided by Eclipse and eggPlant Performance. It has extensive bulk data management and handling competencies to cope with the most complex business processes and scenarios. Take a look at our video to see our Selenium based offering, TurboSelenium in action!

TurboSelenium and eggPlant Performance builds load tests using Selenium, Appium or Winium and manages the concurrent execution by hundreds of virtual users.

  • Runs and manages the sessions for concurrent virtual users generated from the Cloud or from your on-site machines.
  • Can be configured to automatically spin up and manage the required load generators for the test.
  • Manages the data across the tests scripts with the added ability to use the dynamic data server for cross script communication.
  • Automatically collates the results back to the controller.
  • Provides mature analysis capability for bottleneck identification and results reporting.

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TurboSelenium uses Selenium Webdriver to load test your application
TurboSelenium has many benefits. It is easier to script with, more efficient and more realistic than other load test tools.

Turbo* reduces the cost and time required to load test. Re-using existing functional automation test scripts reduces effort and load testing shifts left for both Agile and Waterfall methodologies.

  • Script without having to correlate and handle session data.
  • Performance and load testing ‘in-sprint’ becomes feasible.
  • Execute load tests in Continuous Deployment and Dev Ops models.
  • More representative and realistic performance testing that captures UI timings.
  • Load testing WebSockets, JavaScript, One-page, Ajax and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) becomes easier by removing the dependency on HTTP/HTTPs.
  • More robust performance and load testing scripts means less time spent re-scripting and fixing broken tests
  • Run more functional automated tests concurrently using different browser compatibility choices. Regression packs can complete overnight and be part of your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Ongoing use of collateral for production performance monitoring.

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Turbo* has been developed over the last three years and is a strategic partnership between ButlerThing and eggPlant.
Turbo* is a protocol/virtual user type that has been developed to plug-in and integrate with the eggPlant Performance product. eggPlant Performance provides a Performance Studio and Controller with extensive features to build and execute performance, load and stress test scenarios. Test results are handled in Analyzer, enabling analysis of transaction response times, throughput and other metrics. Analyzer also has comparison against previous run functionality and caters for custom report generation. When you adopt Turbo*, you not only get cutting edge technology, but customer support that is unparalleled.

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TurboSelenium is a partnership between ButlerThing and TestPlant