A little bit about why we formed, who we are and who we work with…

ButlerThing: Creators of TurboSelenium

ButlerThing was formed in 2015 and is a cutting edge R&D and IT solution vendor focused on improving your IT delivery. We specialise in performance engineering and non-functional testing and are the creators of the Turbo* (TurboStar) toolset which enables UI and user centric load testing based on the Selenium Webdriver technology stack.  Turbo* comprises of:

  • TurboSelenium: Load testing with Selenium – driving load using Selenium
  • TurboAppium: Load testing with Appium – driving load using device emulation
  • TurboWinium: Load testing with Winium –  driving load at the Microsoft OS level

The team at ButlerThing developed Turbo* to overcome the restrictions we encountered with traditional load and performance testing tools. Because these traditional tools record and use HTTP/HTTPS requests and responses between the client and web server we found that they commonly introduced issues into development projects, namely: difficulty in scripting against JavaScript heavy applications, unrealistic simulation of load via HTTP injection and inability to support in-sprint performance and load testing. Turbo* was developed to be the answer to these problems and provides many other benefits too.

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Ali Rad: Automation and Performance Testing Expert

Ali Rad

Ali is a life-long IT specialist with an MBA from Chicago Booth University where he focused on technology strategy, data driven marketing and strategic finance. Ali is well-respected in the technology industry as an authority on the niche area of testing and brings an unrivalled passion and meticulousness to his work. Past clients include Barclays, Thomson Reuters, Centrica, Tait and Allied Telesyn Research.

Sivan Performance Testing SME

Gordon McKeown

Gordon has worked at the cutting edge of performance testing and test automation for two decades. He was CTO then CEO of Facilita and co-creator of the Forecast performance testing tool (the basis of eggPlant Performance). While Director of Performance Solutions at TestPlant he helped to implement effective testing solutions for clients from a variety of sectors. Gordon has presented at industry events including BCS SIGIST, ALF (TMF) and Test Expo. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS).

Ryan Hockley: ButlerThing’s legal counsel

Sam Ferguson

Sam is a highly ambitious and hard working test consultant certified as Level Test Manager (ISTQB) with 7 years of Test Experience across consultancy, start-up, and in-house software developing organisations. He has extensive experience with Agile, Waterfall, Sequential and Iterative methodologies. His industry domain experience includes FinTech, Engineering, Defense, Telecoms and Retail/Ecommerce.

Baz Sahathevan: NFT and Performance Testing Expert

Baz Sahathevan

Baz has been in the testing field since 2000, most of that time has been in the performance and non-functional testing space. Baz has spearheaded NFT delivery for various test consultancies at a number of well-known companies and understands the challenges faced in delivering IT in the changing software delivery landscape that we now face. He is passionate about bringing performance engineering best-practice and assurance into organisations.

Sivan Performance Testing SME

Sivan Atad

Sivan has 13 years experience delivering performance and resilience services for major Australian, American and British companies including Commonwealth Bank, Centrica, Comverse and the Australian Department of Education. Working directly with senior management and major business stakeholders, Sivan specialises in solving business problems with innovative technical solutions, whilst mitigating risks within lean budgets.

ButlerThing partners with eggPlant who are a leader in testing automation. eggPlant’s range of tools help technology driven organizations deliver customer value faster and at higher quality by automating the testing process, including functional testing, performance testing, load testing, and even network emulation. TestPlant’s tools are relevant in agile, mobile, web, and DevOps deployments, and are currently used by more than 300 enterprise customers in over 30 countries in sectors including Financial Services, Automotive, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment, Retail and Defense and Aerospace. TestPlant’s technology agnostic solutions can be used to improve and report on the quality and responsiveness of software systems across different interfaces, platforms, browsers, and devices, including mobile, desktop, and mainframe.

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